Ed Smith Renovation

Hi Ed Smith staff and families,

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, January 31, from 6 to 8pm, with the architects planning the Ed Smith renovation. All are welcome and childcare will be provided.

At the moment, the plan is for them to walk us through their ideas and proposals, with emphasis being on the perceived priorities of the community: namely, making the school completely accessible to all students, addressing overcrowding, and major repairs. However, they have asked us to provide a priority list and depending on our responses, they might adjust what they show us that evening. Many of you have sent me individual wishes for the renovation. Now, I am asking you for your top 3 priorities for the school renovation; please send them to me no later than Monday, January 9. I will compile responses and get them to the architects in advance.

My contact info isĀ lesleyporcelli [at] gmail [dot] com. See you there!