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Dear Ed Smith Listserv,

We’re had a lot of snow lately. What I see on every walk and every drive I
take in the snow reminds me of the enormous need for all of us to do our
best to keep sidewalks cleared so that people are able to use them to get
to where they need to go freely and safely . Failing to keep sidewalks
cleared forces people into the streets where they are in danger of being
hit by cars, vans, trucks, plows, etc. As you well know, students living
less than 1.5 miles from their school do not get a bus ride, so this means
MANY children are walking every day. Let’s do everything we need to make
sure they can use the sidewalks, not the streets.

The city of Syracuse’s website says: “During winter months, please remember
that your sidewalks must be kept clear of snow and ice. By ordinance,
anyone with a sidewalk parallel to any public street shall clear and keep
cleared any snow or ice which has accumulated on the surface. This
clearing of snow and ice shall be completed by 6 p.m. of the day following
the accumulation. No person shall shovel, sweep, throw, plow or otherwise
deposit snow or ice into the street, sidewalk or park located within the

If you have neighbors who are physically unable to clear their sidewalks,
consider lending a hand, or better yet, having your capable elementary or
middle school student do a good deed for the day and take care of the
shoveling for them.

You can report properties that have not complied with the time requirement
and intent of the ordinance to the City’s Community Policing Division at

To assist with the city’s effort to compile data on snow removal issues,
you may go to When you scroll down the page,
you will see the words, “Snow Issue Tracker.” Some may notice that this
page has other interesting functions and information as well.

If you have a moment, you may also want to take a look at the Mayor’s press
release about his snow safety plan here


The City’s website homepage can connect you with all sorts of helpful
information. The link is:

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