Seeking donations of winter coats, boots, socks, and sweat pants

From Anna Dahlstein –

*Winter Coat Drive for Ed Smith Students*

*(…and boots and socks and sweat pants, too!)*

Have your kids outgrown their winter coats, sweat pants, or boots?

Mind picking up an extra pair of socks at the store? Ed Smith teachers and
the Nurse’s Office urgently need these for students who’ve had an accident
at school, gotten their feet wet/cold on the playground, etc.

Please consider donating the following items to the collection bin right
outside the school’s main office:

– Winter *coats* and *boots*, any kids’ sizes for ages 6-13
– *Sweat pants* or *leggings*, any kids’ sizes for ages 6-13
– *Socks!*

(The PTO already has a stash of gloves and hats.)

*Thank You!*doc icon Coat-Drive.docx

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