Syracuse University Basketball Game 2/4

This is a message from Coach Miller about tickets to an SU basketball game
on February 4. I would ask that teachers please share this information
with their students so that everyone can be included. Please see the
contact information below for tickets.

Hello it is Coach Miller, The SCSD is going to give the ED. Smith community
a chance to see a SU basketball game at the Dome for free!! The game will
be at the Carrier Dome against Virginia on 2/4/17 at 12:00PM. *Anybody
interested can email Coach Miller at Smiller2 [at] scsd [dot] us <Smiller2 [at] scsd [dot] us>.*
Give name and grade of the student and how many tickets you need. We are
getting 300 tickets and will be given first come first serve. Thanks Coach

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