Re-posting (with date correction) of Sunday’s email on Gertrude Hawk

Hello all!
Just a friendly reminder that orders are due tomorrow, after break. Orders may be turned in to homeroom teachers, or at the main office.

1.  Fill out Seller information, Name, Grade, etc. on the form AND the envelope.
2.  Keep the bottom (pink) copy and brochure for your records.
3.  Total dollars sent in should equal Grand Total Amount on order form.
4.  Make checks payable to Ed Smith PTO – NOT Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. Be sure to add the child’s name and teacher/homeroom number in the “Notes” field of the check.

About late orders:
I’ve had a few people ask about turning in orders “late”. The short answer is, “Ok, but…”

I will be collecting orders this week from Mon through Wed; please – the sooner the better! We can accept late orders, but the longer you wait, the more likely it is that your order may be delayed past our general delivery date, and frankly, the more work it is for me.

If you need an extra day to pass the catalog around at work, or to wait for the check from Aunt Beatrice, or anything else, that’s ok, but if you cannot send in your order by Wed 24th for any reason, please, PLEASE: LET ME KNOW ASAP so we can work something out.

You are welcome to email me at crkelly (AT) with any questions or problems.


– Christopher Kelly

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