Ed. Smith: SEUNA postpones Ed Smith forum

The following was sent by Mike Stanton, head of the Southeast
University Neighborhood Association:
We regret to announce that we are postponing our forum on the future
of Ed Smith. There are a couple of reasons.
First, our originally chosen date of April 29th turns out to be the
same night the Common Council will be considering next year’s budget,
including the School District budget. Common Councilors, school
administrators and many parents are likely to be at that meeting and
unable to attend ours.
The larger issue is that the State Comptroller has not yet confirmed
the monies that the Syracuse School District will receive for school
renovations. Until that figure has been officially announced the
District is unwilling to discuss what might be done with the money at
any particular school — including Ed Smith.
As soon as the Comptroller has issued his report we will be
rescheduling the meeting.


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