Ed. Smith: Concert Band Rehearsal Schedule (grades 5-8)

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our guest composer, Diane Jones, is coming to work with our concert
band/students (students need to attend)  on Wednesday, April 29th &
May 6th during the normal band rehearsal. If  you  would like your
child to  participate in this event, the last five rehearsals are
mandatory before the upcoming concert on May 28th.

Here is attached the new concert Band rehearsal schedule. I have been
in conversation with parents about students coming to practice and to
lessons. Please check in with your child about their attendance.  A
few students have chosen just not to show for either a make-up, lesson
or practice although I have been contacting the parents.

If a student has missed too many lessons and/or rehearsals they may
not be able to participate in the “Latin Fire” event. This is in the
interest of the concert band as a whole. Most of the students have
been coming and/or letting me know if there was a conflict.

Please contact me if there are any questions or concerns.

Julie Stuetzle
Band Director/General Music
Edward Smith K-8
(315) 435-4650
jstuet53 [at] scsd [dot] us

“Music is the Melody of Life”

doc icon band-rehearsal-schedule-2015.doc

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