Ed. Smith students among 2015 MOST Science Fair winners; see projects at tonight’s viewing

Our students did very well at the 2015 CNYSEF Science Fair (previously know as the MOST Science Fair).  Click here for the article and pictures from Sunday’s event. Also, you can see these award winning projects tonight at the Ed. Smith Science Fair viewing in the gym between 5:30-7:00p.m., along with many other projects presented in grades 4-6 today.
Ed. Smith student award winners at Sunday’s 2015 CNYSEF Science Fair  are listed below:
Specialty  Awards
Lockheed Martin Science and Technology Award-Tyler Broschart  (5th grade) “Hovercraft Technology”
United States Air Force Certificate of Achievement- Tyler Broschart  (5th grade) “Hovercraft Technology”
Highest Honors
Jackson Marko (5th grade)  “Solar Powered Water Desalination” 
High Honors

Madeline Scott (5th grade)  “A Weighty Subject:  How much to students carry?”

Megan Scott (8th grade) & Natalie Feikes (8th grade) “Water and Glucose Content of Vegetables” 
Odi Cridge (7th grade), Jude Scanlon (7th grade) & Marko Suchy (7th grade) “3 D Printing and its Impact on Society”  
Tyler Broschart (5th grade) “Hovercraft Technology”
Congratulations to these students and everyone participating in today’s Science Fair!
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