Ed. Smith: Carnival Committee Still Needs A Chairperson

Dear Ed. Smith Parents, Guardian, Friends & Neighbors,
The Annual Ed. Smith Carnival is just 4 months a way, and we have a terrific group of people willing and able to help. We also have a super-organized “Carnival” binder that will take the committee step by step through the process so that success is a given. What we need is a Chairperson…one person to step in and check those boxes to make sure everything gets done.
It’s not hard. You may think you don’t have the skill set,  but as a parent, guardian, grandparent, etc. you’ve been doing the job of a chairperson for YEARS…everyday we organize, multi-task, assign jobs, and delegate and call it PARENTING.
We are re-sending this message as we are obviously still looking for that special person to organize. Without a Chairperson, the Carnival will likely not happen. It is that simple. If you’ve always wanted to support the school, and were unsure of the best way, this is your opportunity.
We need you! Anyone interested in being the Carnival Chairperson can contact PTO Co-Presidents Bridget McManus (bemcmanus [at] aol [dot] com) and Carrie Schofield-Broadbent (carrieksb [at] gmail [dot] com).
Thank you for considering!
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