“Sink or Swim’ competition pictures

Here are some fun pictures of the ‘Sink or Swim’ cardboard boat competition
that took place yesterday at Fowler High School. Our kids had a great time,
demonstrated excellent swimming skills in the heat of competition.
Congratulations to ‘Team Donut’ (comprised of Ben Ashby, Christopher
Edmonds, Clara Neville, and Addison Simone) for winning the award for ‘Most
Spectacular Sinking Boat’ in the middle school division. A special thank
you to our technology teacher, Ms. Rebecca Crossley, for the many weeks of
coaching and for parent Lisa Neville for forwarding the pics.
Please have a safe and happy spring recess. School reopens Monday, April
28th. The NYS Math Assessments (grades 3-8) begin Wednesday, April 30th.

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