Ed. Smith students excel at 2014 CNY Science & Engineering Fair

Ed. Smith students did very well at the regional 2014 CNY Science & Engineering Fair, and the link below shows pictures and list awards for the specialty categories. We’ll briefly recap here, and also list the medallion winners for highest, high honors and honors awards as they are not included in the article but also deserve recognition.


BROADCOM MASTERS – students in the junior division judged in the top 10% and eligible to continue on to the next level (semi-finals) and ideally to the national competition. Of the  projects judged, only five students attain this level. The Ed. Smith student listed below earns this distinction. Please note that we have had an Ed. Smith student or students earn this distinction each year since 2011.

Christopher Edmonds (7th grade)

Other specialty awards:
Cornell Women’s Club of Syracuse Book Awards-Madeline Scott (4th grade)
IEEE Awards in Electrical & Computer Engineering- Zaynah Wazen (4th grade)
Lockheed Martin Awards: Addison Simone (7th grade); Tyler Broschart (4th grade); Jackson Marko (4th grade)

Medallion Awards:

Award Winners list.
Medallion Awards:

7th grade highest honors: Christopher Edmonds
7th grade honors: Ben Ashby; Trevor Giardine; Cammie Nash; Megan Scott
5th grade honors: Molly Scott; Elizabeth Ouimette Garza
4th grade highest honors: Helena Giner; Jackson Marko
4th grade high honors: Tyler Broschart; Sadie Wildrick
4th grade honors: Kyle Giardine; Madeline Scott; Zaynah Wazen; Jeremiah Lubin


If I missed anyone, please let me know–thanks!! Congratulations to all of our students on a job well done!

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