The Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Project–August 1 deadline

Please help spread the word. Aug. 1 deadline to order. Live in the city of Syracuse? Interested in beautifying your front yard, block or neighborhood? The Westcott Neighborhood Bulb project started ten years ago. In 2012 we passed the 100,000 mark for perennial bulbs planted throughout the city. Visit our web site at and our Facebook page to see what individuals and organizations have done to beautify our city. For details on ordering daffodils or tulips, varieties etc. send an e-mail to pwirth2 [at] verizon [dot] net with your phone number or call 637-0331. Price is $24 per bag of 100 bulbs. Deadline for orders: August 1 as advance orders have to be placed for bulbs to arrive in Sept. for fall planting. The original goal of the project was to beautify the Westcott neighborhood and in the process help build community. The idea was to raise funds and offer 18 free perennial bulbs to anyone in the Westcott neighborhood who was willing to plant them where they could be seen from the street for all to enjoy. The bulbs were offered on a first come first serve basis at the Westcott Community Center the first Saturday in October. The first year about a thousand bulbs were given away. As time went on the Bulb Give Away turned into a Garden Extravaganza. Music, vendors, a film showing and free compost for planting with the bulbs accompanied the bulb give away. As word spread, the event grew to an average of 300 people a year showing up at the Westcott Community Center. In addition to individuals we also started to work with community organizations in the Westcott neighborhood and nonprofit groups such as the library, credit union, neighborhood schools etc. In 2010 we expanded the project city wide. Outside the Westcott neighborhood, we offer perennial bulbs (daffodils and tulips) in bags of 100 at cost to individuals, neighborhoods and community organizations. Our message is that the bulbs must be planted where they can be seen by all to enjoy. Whether it is private or public property is immaterial. Last year orders ranged from 6,000 bulbs for The Skunk City neighborhood organization to100 from numerous individuals. Since 2010 we have averaged close to 20,000 bulbs a year. Hundreds of individuals and community organizations, whether formal or a group of individuals coming together to organize planting on their block, have made this project work. We can all play a role in making the city of Syracuse bloom. Please help spread the word. Thanks! GW Associates 113 Cammot Lane Fayetteville, NY 13066 315-476-3396 pwirth2 [at] verizon [dot] net

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