Families needed to host international exchange students

SHARE YOUR HOME, CHANGE THE WORLD HOST AN INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE STUDENT!! Youth for Understanding (YFU) is currently seeking warm, loving host families in our community for placements of international students. Create memories that will last a lifetime! YOUR FAMILY CAN BE A YFU HOST FAMILY! ALL KINDS OF FAMILIES MAKE WONDERFUL YFU HOST FAMILIES – YOURS’ WILL TOO!! Host families have many different faces, and are all part of the American experience. You can be a host family whether or not you have children. If your family is open to new experiences, willing to share their lives with a fascinating teenager from a foreign land, and provide guidance, love and support to a young person who is beginning their journey into adulthood, then you will be a great host family. If interested, call 1-866-493-8872, visit the website at www.yfuusa.org, and/or contact Linda Kraemer at 435-4621 (Ed Smith) or at ltouse41 [at] scsd [dot] us – you’ll be glad you did!

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