Edward Smith K-8 Leadership Council Roundtable Meeting Held

A group of more than 40 students, staff, family members and community members met at the first Roundtable of the Edward Smith Leadership Council Tuesday September 28, 2010. The purpose of this group is to work together to improve our school.  Every member of the Edward Smith School community is invited to join and all members of the group are valued equally.

After a brief review of last spring’s Leadership Conference Mr. Armstrong went over the plan for monthly Roundtable meetings and working groups for this school year.  Participants broke into groups to work on;

  1. Communication and Academic Standards
  2. Building Facilities
  3. After-School Activities and Recess
  4. Lunches
  5. Anti-Bullying

Each group came up with something to work on for the next month and will report back on their progress to the Roundtable on October 26 at 3:15pm in the cafeteria.

Upcoming Meetings of Working Groups for the Leadership Council Roundtable

October 5th 3:15 Facilities Group meets in Mr. O’Leary’s office                                              October 7th 3:15 After-School Activities/Recess Group meets, location TBD                  October 12 3:15 Communication/Academics meets in Mr. Smith’s room                        October 12 3:15 Food Group meets, location TBD                                                                          The Anti-Bullying Group is conducting research this month and will meet to work immediately following the October 26 Roundtable meeting.

October Roundtable 3:15-4:15 Tuesday, October 26 in the school cafeteria.

For more information contact Lisa Neville at 476-5176 lneville [at] verizon [dot] net

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