31 days, 31 teachers

As you know, today is the last day to nominate an Ed Smith teacher and if you’re a procrastinator or super-busy, it would be unlikely that you would complete a hard copy to mail or drop off in the PTO mailbox on the deadline day.

That being said, going directly to the website (www.y94fm.com) and typing in 31 days, 31 teachers in the “search” box is really easy. Yesterday the website had a separate icon dedicated to this program, but now it’s necessary to type the phrase in as it has been removed (but still the actual application still states the deadline is Feb. 29).

The on-line application is simple and can be done by any working parent with access to the internet over lunch. My daughter and I completed our nominations last night and hitting the simple tab “submit” saved time, ink, stamps, etc.

Maybe you could put a quick message out there today reminding people to complete an on-line application if interested–there’s still time!


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