Principal announces Ed Smith staff changes

Dear Parents, The last two weeks have been very busy with the finalization of most of our staff needs. I will update you if anymore changes occur. I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. Here is a list of our changes to date:

Coming to/or changing grade level at Ed Smith we have:

  • John C. Randall from Vinta/Notthingham-secondary Social Studies teacher – 8th grade
  • Pamela D. Clausen from Blodgett-common branch teacher – 3rd grade
  • Melody A. Mariani from Henninger-secondary English teacher – 7th grade
  • Gloria M. Kilpatrick from Corcoran-secondary Math teacher – 8th grade
  • Amy Warner from Hughes – kindergarten teacher
  • Kate Kolb from Henninger – 12:1:1, 3:1 special ed class
  • Uzo Unabogna, Vice Principal – transferred to Edward Smith
  • Sean Miller – full time elementary phys. ed teacher
  • Ralph Contreras – 5th grade inclusion teacher
  • Marc Hamernik – common branch teacher – 5th grade
  • Anne Kupferberg – string instrumental music teacher
  • Ben Jamison, from Blodgett – head custodian

Leaving Ed Smith we have:

  • Lisa Garofalo, Vice Principal – transferred to Seymour
  • Bridgette M. Shepard transferred to Blodgett- Secondary Math teacher
  • Lori Janisch, retiring- Kindergarten teacher
  • Mary Lou Balcom, retiring-
  • Common branch Elinor Neri, retiring-
  • Common branch Roslyn Grace transferred to Roberts-
  • Secondary social studies teacher James Smith transferred to Nottingham
  • Secondary English teacher Karen O’Neill-Covell, retiring
  • Special education teacher James Jenkins retiring
  • Physical Education teacher Kathy W. Bunting, retiring
  • Elementary music teacher Eileen Clark, retiring
  • Teaching assistant Cindy Schechter, retiring
  • Teaching assistant Frank Marsh, retiring
  • Head custodian Brian Hanas, custodian – transferred

Sincerely, Daryl J. Hall Principal Edward Smith School

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